Space Echo / CD Players

Space Echo/Tape Echo

I repair the whole Roland Space Echo Range as I have done since 1988 (Delatronics moved to Brazil for a few years but now Im back in the UK for the forseeable future) and also other non Roland tape echos such as Watkins, Evans and Korg. I can also repair other vintage Pro Audio equipment such as vintage pedals and rackmounted equipment - I have at one time been the authorised service centre for almost every manufaturer but after sustaining a bad motorcycle accident in 2013, I am now limited to the size and weight of some types of equipment although I have in the past repaired very heavy items.

CD Players (14 Bit)

I have become very interested in Phiiips 14 bit based CD Players; especially those using the superior and almost bullet proof CDM0/1 transports, together with the sublimely musical TDA1540 DACs. I restore and modify them to sound much better than they originally did! I can also modify any TDA1541 based player. After repairing, restoring and modifying many Philips based players and knowing the typical trouble spots I can offer this service for a nominal fee. I have also designed a reclocking module for TDA1540 based machines; which vastly reduces jitter going to the DACs. I sell the restored players on eBay but these items would be cheaper if bought directly from me as there are no fees for me to pay.