Dark Times - The Bare Facts

Continued...The symptoms of a sick society are becoming obvious, Just look around - And I Believe we will see more violence and will see more perversion to come - Let me make a prediction "In five years time, even pedophilia will be accepted as a life style choice and have media and legal protection!" A lot of people are emulating their media idols - Getting heavily tattooed, drinking too much, taking drugs, lusting after people, money and more 'things'.

While technology has made leaps and bounds, not all new technology will be ultimately beneficial (RFID System, Military Robotics etc). In many ways life was simpler fifty years ago, and now all information you need is out there to find on the net - People should wake up and stop wasting valuable time playing games and watching TV and films (these are deliberate distractions!) - Instead, do some surfing on the web to find out what this agenda is aiming to do to our families! You will discover that there is no area in our lifes which ther are not trying to manipulate.

Caution! There is a lot of good information that is being countered by misinformation, there are people out there conspiring - First thing I would recommend you do, is to read the New World order directives on the "Georga guide stones" - This will clearly state what the illuminati agenda wants to achieve. It will seem like a hopeless battle to overcome their plans but slowly people are waking up to what's going on, and without the peoples blind support, the agenda can't succeed!

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