Dark Times - The Agenda

Continued...I have done some research using the internet and my observations to find out what may be going on.....Conclusion - It seems to me that people need a WAKE UP and see the signs - the causes are clearly there! The media are promoting various outrageous agendas that people are accepting and following like sheep, they are unaware of what the large organisations are getting away with in the name of profit and for their agenda - There are a few very rich people iwho are in control of the big industries - Film, Music, Education, Health, Religion, food; which are trying to dictate how we should live and what we should accept; and they're principally using the media to achieve thier aims - From what I've seen, it's working!.......Let me explain breifly how.. The brain has various states: When we are conscious and THINKING it is in the Beta state, when we are watching TV or RELAXING our brains are in the Alpha state - In the alpha state, we are unable to think critically and what we hear is absorbed into our minds without really thinking - This is why the media can be so dangerous....Rather like a hipnotherapy session WE ARE BEING BRAINWASHED IN OUR OWN HOMES! TV, Music, Film and Social Media are the biggest culprits

THE AGENDA AT WORK IS PROMOTED BY SECRET SOCIETIES - if you don't believe me read about the illuminati/New World Order for yourself (there's a lot of info on Youtube). The shocking truth is that the rich and famous are being manipulated in some way by the illuminati - Fame and fortune comes at a massive price! (But Self idolatry and love of money are the root!)

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