Dark Times - What's Happened?

I had just landed at London Heathrow after spending almost six years living in Brazil, I could sense that things had changed in England since 2010 when I left - People were wondering around like zombies, heads burried in mobile phones, there were oblivious to their surroundings yet stressed and angry looking - They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul - All I saw was a lot of dead people walking!

At the time of writing this (August 2018) and having spent two and a half years back in England, I know that there are a lot of angry and dissatisfied people out there; making them rude and discourteous in everyday encounters! Several people I have met through Delatronics in particular have talked to me about the growing 'darkness' in this country (I agreed but think it is not only England but Europe as well), this is why I felt moved to write this article. Attitudes have changed in our society - People nowdays seem to be on överdrive" and are working just to pay bills and hardly have time to spend with their families (which are becoming more and more disfunctional). I am 54, and have known times when life has been very different from what it is today, but certainly, something changed in 6 years, I can clearly see that having been away. Why are there increasingly so many suicides, depressed and mentally ill people, marriage break downs - Than ever before? What is fueling this mentality, self centredness and moral decline?

I think a totally corrupt media is partially to blame!......(Click here, next page)