Phil Delahaye worked for Roland UK as senior service engineer from 1988 to 1996 and later in 1996 founded Delatronics Ltd (Delahaye Electronics).

After 14 years in the business working mainly with Roland, Yamaha and Korg products, Delatronics had gained a very good reputation in the industry. In March 2010 however, Delatronics decided to wind its business activities down in the UK and relocate to South America (Curitiba, Brazil). Whilst trading in Brazil as Delatronics ME, the company grew, employing other engineers and also started to repair more makes and types of equipment (see makes we do).

Unfortunately, after a few years of trading, Phil suffered a major motorcycle accident in May 2013 which caused Delatronics to cease trading for several months. The company started trading again in early 2014 and continued until November 2015. In December 2015, the decision was made for Phil and his family to return to the UK permanently. However, Phil is stil unable to walk without crutches as of time of writing (May 2018) - surgery in the UK to his left leg is on going and hopefully Delatronics will be able to run to its full capacity in due course.

In the meanwhile, we can repair smaler vintage items and Space Echos.....